A.) EMOM 10


1 Deadlift

starting @ 60% ascending in weight, working to heavy (roughly 90%)


B.)  for time :


450m KB suitcase carry 53/35

15 KB box step overs 24/20”

30 box jump overs

45 KB swings

30 box jump overs

15 KB box step overs

450m run



C.) Strength


Sumo Deadlift

work to a heavy set of 3


back pause squat, 2 seconds at bottom

work up to a moderate set of 3, work positions and form on squat


3x20 feet touching goblet squat

3x15 hip + back extension (all the way up)

3x12 reverse hyper

3x10 one legged glute bridge


D.) 4 rounds

100m stone carry  

20 toes 2 bar


then straight into, 2 rounds

30 cal AD

40 abmat situps