A.) Deadlift

-work up to a heavy single  


B.) 4 rounds for time

150m suitcase carry

50ft DB OH lunge 50/35 (25ft/25ft)

50 double unders



C.) strength


4 rounds - athletes choice of weight

10 stone hold squats

100m stone carry


3 rounds  - 120/90

100m sled pull

100m reverse sled drag  


D.) 3 rounds for time


350m assault run

30 Back extensions

15 Toes 2 bar

10 KB snatch (5/5) 53/35


E.) accessory work

5x20 reverse ghd hyper (only bodyweight) 

4x10 Superman 5 second holds

3x20 straddle leg lifts

6 x 15 second ring support L-sit (emom)